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Unfortunately in these difficult financial times, more and more people are finding themselves in desperate money situations. Unable to pay bills, creditors are resulting to serious methods to collect the money that is owed to them. One particularly successful method is wage garnishment.

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When a creditor notices that a debtor is unable to pay his bills, various attempts are made to collect the money. When they fail, the creditor will resort to wage garnishment. This particular method of debt collection is especially embarrassing for the debtor because his employer becomes aware of his financial situation. This severely impacts the debtor's ability to pay his bills, put gas in his car or feed his family.

Many people believe that only child support payments can be collected via wage garnishment but that's not so. Credit card debt and income tax debt is not immune to this method of debt collection. Many credit card customers are shocked when they see their pay being garnished for their past due amount. But it can and does happen all the time.

The best way to avoid wage garnishment is to work with the credit card company. Don't ignore the notices because there is no escaping the debt that you owe. Even if you cannot pay your debt, talk with the credit card company and explain your situation. Very often these companies have special departments that are authorized to help you. The credit card company wants to make things as easy as possible for you because they realize that even some money is better than none at all. So be honest and frank with them and explain your situation.

Wage garnishment is something you definitely want to avoid. Stay on top of your bills as much as possible and be sure to reach out to the credit card company if you find you cannot pay them. This way you'll avoid the embarrassment of wage garnishment. However, if your wages start being garnished, you are not alone and it may make sense to reach out to a garnishment attorney. Moreover, you'll want to understand your rights and the wage garnishment laws.

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